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NBA Mock Draft: 76ers Big Trade with Bulls and Kings, Select Dario Saric from Cibona Zagreb

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SB Nation's NBA Network conducted a mock draft with bloggers from each team site making or trading "their" team's pick. We continue with the next pick in the 2014 NBA Mock Draft with Liberty Ballers selecting guard Dario Saric after a trade.

NBA Mock Draft Pick #9 -- Dario Saric, Guard, Cibona Zagreb

SB Nation's 76ers blog Liberty Ballers explains the pick:

There has been a three-way trade agreed in principle between the Fake Sixers, Fake Kings, and Fake Bulls.

Philadelphia gets: #8, #19, 2015 Portland 2nd (via CHI), Jason Thompson, Carlos Boozer, Jason Terry, Quincy Acy

Bulls get: #10

Sacramento gets: #16, Taj Gibson, Jason Richardson

With the 8th pick in the 2014 Fake As Hell But Really Super Serious SBNBA Mock Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select Dario Saric.

Man, this gives Hinkie and Brown an awful lot of guys that can handle the ball. But that's what we're looking for. Players that can pass and move and not be liabilities on either end of the court. Saric, who we believe will choose to come overseas and start right away, is the smartest basketball player in the draft, and has a tremendous amount of versatility and skill right now that will make it hard for any one guy to defend him.

He's a streaky shooter, but like Exum, pretty solid off the catch. He might have the most superstar potential outside of the traditionally thought of Top Four because of the variety of ways in which he can score. He can take you into the post, he can take you off the dribble, and he's a really willing passer able to create for others. The beauty of an offense centered around passing and cutting between MCW, Exum, and Saric as Nerlens Noel uses defenders' heads as stepstools for putbacks brings a tear to our eye.

And defensively, we recognize he needs to get stronger in the post, because we see him predominantly covering 4's at the next level. Laterally, he's just not quick enough to keep up with NBA 3's on the perimeter. He's a solid rebounder and has shown some shotblocking prowess as well.

Also, I'd be lying if I said the thought of drafting two international prospects to the chagrin of xenophobic Philadelphia mainstream media members wasn't a strong draw for this pick. Here's Sacramento's explanation from Akis:

The Kings primary motivation is to get better and to get better soon. Even though Marcus Smart is on the board, the opportunity to acquire a veteran of Taj Gibson's quality was too good to pass up, especially since the Kings would not completely fall out of the draft and only drop to 16. Gibson gives the Kings a solid two-way players and one of the better defensive bigs in the league, a good partner for the more offensively minded Cousins. Sacramento also gets to shed Jason Thompson's contract. Jason isn't a bad player, but he desperately needs a fresh start. The Kings swapped expiring contracts of Terry and Acy for Richardson as with Gibson and Landry and even Derrick Williams the Kings are pretty much set at PF, and Richardson gives them a veteran SG for a year as well as an expiring contract for possible use in another trade down the line.

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