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NBA Mock Draft: Charlotte Hornets Acquire Harrison Barnes For Pick #24

SB Nation's NBA Network conducted a mock draft with bloggers from each team site making or trading "their" team's pick. We continue with the next pick in the 2014 NBA Mock Draft with At The Hive trading away #24 to the Warriors in exchange for Harrison Barnes.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

NBA Mock Draft Pick #24, Jordan Adams, Guard, UCLA

SB Nation's Hornets blog At The Hive explains their decision to trade the pick:

The Charlotte Hornets have traded the 24th overall pick to the Golden State Warriors for Harrison Barnes. Despite selecting McDermott earlier, I couldn't pass this trade up. This would set the Hornets up with a great deal of flexibility in young forwards. I really like Barnes' versatility on offense and defense, and think he could bounce back in a new place after his regression last season. The deal wouldn't be officially completed until July 10 due to cap holds, we must note.

From Warriors side at Golden State of Mind: We decided to shop Harrison Barnes for a pretty simple reason: looking at the numbers, we figured that we could find a player in the draft who could replace his production without worrying about the rookie contract expiring in two years. We made a list of a handful of attainable prospects, aimed to trade for a pick in case one of them dropped, and negotiated a trade contingent on one of them being there. As it turned out, one player we identified was available: Jordan Adams.

Now let's get the biggest knock on Adams out of the way: he's not athletic. There's no sugar coating that he's not an above-the-rim type of guard. However, he does possess very quick hands, moves fairly well laterally on defense, and has an deceptively long 6'10" wingspan, all of which enabled him to generate 3.3 steals per pace-adjusted 40 minutes, a figure which topped all eligible players for this year's draft according to DraftExpress.

Somewhat incredibly, Adams rated 5th in Kevin Pelton's WARP projection system this year, largely due to his high steal rate and scoring efficiency - Adams just seems to know how to score, especially off the ball, with great touch around the basket.Beyond the numbers, Adams apparently lost 20 pounds between the end of UCLA's season and the combine. Perhaps, when a team gets him in a professional strength training program and fitness routine, his athleticism will improve. In a way, that actually represents upside.

We realize this is a gamble but let's face it, if Adams was an elite athlete, he might be a top 10 pick. Instead, he's likely to go somewhere late in the first round, which may represent quite a lot of value; the way we see it is that we get an undervalued player for a player we were no longer high on while getting potentially equivalent value on a rookie contract.

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