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NBA Mock Draft: Spurs Trade Out, 76ers Finish Draft With Jarnell Stokes

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SB Nation's NBA Network conducted a mock draft with bloggers from each team site making or trading "their" team's pick. We finish up the 2014 NBA Mock Draft with Liberty Ballers selecting Jarnell Stokes after a trade with the Pounding the Rock.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Mock Draft Pick #30, Jarnell Stokes, ForwardTennessee

Pounding the Rock traded the Spurs number 30 pick to the Sixers for picks number 32 and 52 in order to avoid the cap hold that accompanies first round picks and have more room to re-sign free agents.

SB Nation's 76ers blog Liberty Ballers explains the pick:

With an excess of second round picks and a newfound surplus of NBA players on the roster, the Sixers can afford to package one of those late 2nd's to move up a few spots. And that's what we did here, slide up two spots to take a guy we were considering with the 19th pick, for little to no cost. Cap holds are no matter to us.

Jarnell Stokes fits wonderfully as the 3rd big behind Noel and Saric. He bangs, he attacks the offensive glass like a sonuvabitch, and he's more skilled than he gets credit for. Not necessarily in the jumpshooting department, but we're not going to ask him to do much offensively outside of shove his forearm into someone's throat and two-hand dunk onto their skull.

Combined with his immovability in the low block on defense, he's the perfect compliment to the thinner finessier games of Nerlens and Dario. Stokes and Henry Sims will do just fine on the second unit of enforcers.

Last year, fitness may have been a concern, but he lost a ton of weight without losing muscle between seasons and he should hold his own in Brown's fast-paced system. We believe -- as do most draft projection models -- that Stokes will be an above-average NBA player and an absolute steal with the final pick in the first round.

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