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NBA Mock Draft 2016: Minnesota Timberwolves Select Denzel Valentine From Michigan State

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SB Nation's NBA Network conducted a mock draft with bloggers from each team site making or trading "their" team's pick. We continue with the next pick in the 2016 NBA Mock Draft, with Canius Hoopus discussing their selection of Denzel Valentine.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Mock Draft Pick #7 -- Denzel Valentine, SF, Michigan State

SB Nation's Timberwolves blog, Canis Hoopus, explains their selection:

When the first four picks played out as they did, we decided to go ahead and move back two spots to seven and pick up an extra first rounder for our troubles. With the seventh pick we are thrilled to take Denzel Valentine, a player with a wide array of skills who played for a top-notch college program. We think his three point shooting along with his ball handling and passing skills will translate very well to the pro game and that versatility will allow him to fit into various lineups as he develops.

Ridiculous Upside analysis: With Denzel Valentine trending downward in recent mock drafts due to rumored knee issues, it's surprising to see him get picked this early. However, he could become a key role player on a rebuilding Timberwolves squad due to his versatile skill-set. Standing at 6'6, Valentine worked as Michigan State's point guard as he averaged 7.7 assists per game. Alongside that, he averaged 19.9 points on 46% from the field and 44% from beyond the arc, which establishes his work as a scorer.

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2) Los Angeles Lakers: BRANDON INGRAM

3) Phoenix Suns (From Boston): DRAGAN BENDER

4) Utah Jazz (From Phoenix): JAMAL MURRAY

5) Denver Nuggets (from Minnesota) : BUDDY HIELD

6) New Orleans Pelicans: KRIS DUNN

7) Minnesota Timberwolves (from Denver): DENZEL VALENTINE

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