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SBNation Mock Draft, Pick #28: Memphis Grizzlies

With the twenty eighth pick in the 2008 SBNation NBA Mock Draft, the Memphis Grizzlies, represented by 3 Shades of Blue, select...


Bil Walker, Small Forward, Kansas State University.  6-6, 226 lbs.

3 Shades of Blue says:

Yeah, we know that he has the kind of knees that make fans think of Brian Cardinal and "Big Country" Bryant Reeves (both cringe-worthy of the highest order), but he's also got talent and upside.  We thought about D.J. White (Indiana University), Sergei Ibaka (CB L'Hospitalet), DeVon Hardin (California) or even Nathan Jawai (Cairns Taipan), but other than Ibaka, they all have one flaw: they are what they are going to be.  Walker still has the potential to be more, though.
Coming out of high school, most NBA scouts predicted that he would be a better pro than his heralded O.J. Mayo.  Two knee surgeries later and he can barely crack the 1st round.  If any team in the 1st round (other than the witchcraft-using Pistons) should take him, it is the Grizzlies.  This is especially true for a team that desperately needs depth at the swing positions.  Walker's strong points (intelligence, athleticism) cannot be taught and his former coaches have described him as a willing student of the game who wants to get better at all facets of the game.  Some people complained when we didn't take a chance with the #5 pick and "went safe" with Kevin Love.  Well, here's our risky pick and we think it is a risk worth taking.


The Detroit Pistons, represented by Detroit Bad Boys, are on the clock.

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28. Memphis Grizzlies- 3 Shades of Blue: Bill Walker