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[Note by Ridiculous Scott, 02/18/09 9:18 PM CST ]

UPDATE: Richie FrahmJared Jordan, and John Lucas III have all just been added to the D-League.  Wow.

Just so everyone knows, I now have one of my three answers I was looking for answered, thanks to the wonderful Joanna Shapiro.  Patrick Ewing Jr. missed the dunk contest as he was recovering from an illness.  Bobby Jones missed all-star weekend due to some family reasons.

So we've got that settled.  Still am working on finding answers as to why no D-League Dream Factory Friday Night is on the internet if Rick Kamla was there or why Nancy Lieberman was put in the box score last night when it should have been Stanley Burrell.  Baffles me.  Simply baffles me.

In other news, the D-League has been infused with talent as of late.  In the last month and a half, 10S guys have come into the D-League with previous NBA experience -- James Lang, Dwayne Jones, John Edwards, Billy Thomas, Steven Hill, Justin Reed, Demetris Nichols, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Kevin Burleson, Herbert Hill and Jawad Williams have all popped up around the D-League.  That's not including other NBA prospects like Rod Benson, Taj McCullough, Gerry McNamara, Longar Longar and Kevin Kruger.

I also wonder if Cheikh Samb or anyone that is a trade casualty ends up in the D-League soon.