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Keith Clark -- Will He Get Drafted?

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Checking out the D-League dunk contest this weekend, I didn't even notice what was quite possibly the biggest story until DraftExpress reminded me.  No, not that a Brent Petway-James White Dunk Contest would have been the most marketable thing the D-League has if properly used, but rather runner-up Keith Clark is NBA Draft eligible.

Think he'll follow in the footsteps of Mike Taylor?  Who knows, but I think this weekend might have given him a good chance to do just that.  Clark, who has recently taken on a starting role with the Tulsa 66ers with Chris Richard and Steven Hill injured, was declared academically ineligible at Oklahoma toward the end of 2007.  In the first semester of 2008, he enrolled at Rose State Junior College, but that apparently didn't work out so he tried out with the 66ers this season.

That has worked out.  This season, in the 16 games he's played at least 20 minutes, he's averaging 12 points and eight rebounds.  Not great, but good for a 21 year-old that showed enough potential to be recruited by Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas Tech, Miami, and Kansas.  After all, Taylor averaged 14 points, four assists in the D-League, was drafted by the Clippers, and has now played in 24 games, including a start this season.

Also, he can still do this: