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The NBA Hates Blogging Ballers: Blogger Blockade Continues

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If this dude doesn't belong in the NBA, who does?
If this dude doesn't belong in the NBA, who does?

Mark Titus, a 6'4" shooting guard, plays at Ohio State. As far as I can tell, his game resembles Blake Ahearn, as does his face. Anyway, for reasons I'm unsure of, he declared for the NBA draft.  However, the NBA told him he couldn't, kind of.

The conversation I had with the DOBO (Director of Basketball Operations) basically featured him telling me that the NBA had called the Ohio State basketball office and requested that I take my name out of the draft because they feared that I was making a mockery of the process. He claimed that it wasn't all that serious, but as a precaution I should not talk about the draft on my blog any more. I kindly obliged.

Okay.  Lame.  The NBA doesn't want a kid that started as team manager to blog about his NBA draft prospects.  Here's his Ohio State bio.  His highlights, as a sophomore include connected on 2nd career 3-pointer in win over Presbyterian College.  Why would the NBA worry about this kid?  It shouldn't.  But it did.

And it kept worrying.  (Side note: Is the NBA an 'it'?  If not, what is the NBA?)

Today, (no this isn't an FML) Dobo again approached me, only this time his face suggested that either the situation with the NBA had escalated or he found out that I was the one who spread peanut butter underneath his car handle door. [...] The NBA had called back and this time they demanded I pull my name out "or else." I assume the "or else" meant they were going to make me do an NBA Catalog commercial like Larry Bird did in 1987. Despite the fact that I would have loved nothing more than to do a similar commercial, I realized that maybe the NBA isn't an organization to be messed with and I pulled my name out.

Thus, I'm here to do my part.  When we buy the Bakersfield Jam, we will sign this kid.  Nobody can stop us.  Not the NBA, not no one.  We're unstoppable, baby.