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Rocky Mountain Revue Revoked

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<em>The Rocky Mountain Revue - Where Fringe Talent <strike>Happens</strike> Happened</em>.  From Left to Right: Hamed Haddadi, Mo Charlo, one Iranian dude, two fringy D-Leaguers, and two more Iranian ballers.
The Rocky Mountain Revue - Where Fringe Talent Happens Happened. From Left to Right: Hamed Haddadi, Mo Charlo, one Iranian dude, two fringy D-Leaguers, and two more Iranian ballers.

Ladies and Gents, I'm a little late to this party, but I figured better late than never.  The Rocky Mountain Revue, one of three Summer League's NBA teams attend, is no more, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

The Rocky Mountain Revue, last season, was probably lowest on the Summer League food chain, as it had to invite a team of D-Leaguer's and the Iranian National Team just to get seven teams to show up.

Wait, a team of D-Leaguer's?  Isn't that what all of the Summer League teams are, more or less?  Yes.  They had to invite the D-League prospects that didn't get Summer League invites, so this team consisted of Nick Lewis, Carl Elliott, Mo Charlo, and Scooter Mcfadgon, among others.  I love the D-League, it's true, but this - the castoff's of the castoffs of the NBA - had to be a terrible thing to watch.  Terrible like this. Or like myself covering three high school baseball games this week, where the temperature never was above 50 degrees, but the wind gusts approached 50 mph.

Anyway, why is this making news?  Because now teams have two choices - either Orlando or Las Vegas.  Last season, there were a few teams (Spurs come to mind) that used both Vegas and Utah to tryout more players (not remarkably different rosters, but there was a difference).

I'm a big advocate of Vegas, as I interned there last season and it was an amazing experience.  This helps them out because they're now one of just two Summer League teams, and I'm sure the only one profitable, as Orlando, at least via webcast, seemed rather uncouth.

Initially, I was worried about the D-League, as this means that there are six less teams that former D-League talent will be able to showcase it's talent, but I'm assuming that the majority of the RMR teams will end up in Vegas.  Except Utah, apparently, as they're going to Orlando because they somehow find issue with Vegas:

The Jazz's objections to Las Vegas go beyond the triple-digit temperatures expected in July. The league is run by the NBA and founded not by a team but by Warren LeGarie, an agent who represents several coaches.

Apparently they don't like Vegas because it's "run" by the NBA and it gets hotter than 100 degrees.  After this winter in North Dakota, I'll gladly take two weeks in Vegas, and hopefully so wil many of blogging brethren.