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Sunday Morning Coming Down... D-League Bullets Style

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  • USA Today picked up a story that Lou Babiarz did for the Bismarck Tribune on the status of Dakota Wizards coach Duane Ticknor for next season.  In the story, Ticknor says "If I come back to the D-League, this will probably be the spot, but I'm going to weigh my options with my family.  It's been tough on my wife. I've been home for two days since the beginning of October."  His wife is a wonderful lady.  Being based near Chicago, Fort Wayne would be the sexy pick if he was to change positions in the D-League, though I don't really see this happening, especially if Jeff Potter is as hard to work for as everyone says (kidding, Mr. Potter).
  • Could our good buddy Brandt Andersen be looking for a new coach?  According to this story in the Daily Herald, maybe.  " We discussed it (contract renewal), but I know Joe and Brandt (Andersen) are exhausted and we just needed a break," Jones said. "We will touch base in the next few weeks."
  • The Broomfield Enterprise reports that four different management firms have turned in bids for the Broomfield Event Center, where the Colorado 14ers play.  The arena also owns the 14ers and a minor league hockey team that plays there as well.  I'm under the assumption that whoever makes the winning bid won't buy the 14ers, and with the poor turnout of attendance this past season, it's unlikely that they'd want them as tenants either. 
  • The San Francisco Chronicle has a pretty good look at the up and down season of DeMarcus Nelson, who was called up from the Austin Toros late in the season to the Chicago Bulls.  He's currently dressing pretty on the sidelines, watching the best series of basketball anyone has watched in a long time.
  • The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette has a minor story on the Fort Wayne Mad Ants.  It's headlined as "Proposed Changes Don't Worry Ants", which kind of got me excited there was something big happening.  There isn't.  There is a picture of a newly-haricutted President Potter, though, which is always fun.  He also says he's not actively seeking a partner for the hybrid model.  "The only issue is we would have to want to sell our basketball side of it, and we would also have to find a team that's willing to pay the money to do so. It's something they're proposing to help with costs and also get more NBA teams involved in the basketball side."   Fair enough.
  • Tex Winter, the father of the Triangle Offense, suffered a stroke Saturday, seemingly ending his coaching career.  The Bulls are my favorite NBA team, so this disappoints me quite a bit, as the two 3peats could be attributed to him just as much as they could be attributed to the talent on the floor.  The interesting part of this article was that he was influential with the D-Fenders this season as well:  With the D-League players, he took on a more nurturing role, making himself an open book for the aspiring NBA call-ups. He would sit courtside at the Staples Center at D-Fenders games, when they played before the Lakers, sending his barbs toward the officiating crew.  I'm sure Barnaky loved Winter's 'barbs'.
  • According to an ESPN interview with former Celtic and 1991 Dunk Champion Dee Brown, he's apparently interested in coaching in the D-League:  "I've had some talks with teams in the past but at this time I'm doing a lot of training in Orlando with college players as well as NBA players. I would like to coach in the D-League because I like to develop players and help them go through that growth process."  He's previously been head coach twice in the WNBA, so it seems that he may have the credentials to be in consideration for the myriad of D-League coaching jobs that are open/expecting to open this summer.
  • He's a cranky old guy, Garry Brown of the Massachusetts Republican, that's worried about what Springfield names their team.  If Jirimania's fan post didn't make you want to vote, help this guy out.  It hurts my heart to know so many people could be disappointed if you don't vote for the team name.  Rock the vote!  Update: Apparently voting has ended.  Disappointing that they won't release the team name until they unveil the logo.  Questioning the decision making process on this one, I am.
  • Tau Baskonia in Spain has signed John Lucas.  Didn't take him to find a new job.  I'd say more about this, but I don't translate Spanish very well.  For instance, "final de temporada" is in the head line, but this seems to condescend itself.
  • Philippine Cup champion Talk 'N Text has found a replacement import in Gary Forbes, hoping he could provide leadership as the Tropang Texters continue their playoff bid in the season-ending Motolite-PBA Fiesta Cup, according to this report.  Got nothing on this, except I like Forbes and Talk 'N Text is a sweet name for a basketball team.
  • There's a team in Bologna that is looking for a post player next season.  They have three candidates: Lance Allred, James Lang and Curtis Borchardt.  I think Allred's got the inside track on this one.
  • Bakersfield's owner is not really a cool dude.  I'll have more on this tomorrow.
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