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Alec Burks Pulled A Jeremy Tyler At Utah Jazz NBA Draft Workout

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It seems like just last week that 2011 NBA Draft prospect Jeremy Tyler asked "which college is that?" regarding a question about Portland Trail Blazers head coach Nate McMillian. Unfortunately, a similar situation happened with Alec Burks on Monday while working out for the Utah Jazz.

Burks seems like a bright guy, but considering the draft is just a couple of days away and the Jazz represented the last workout before what will likely be the biggest day of his life to this point, it makes sense that his mind was probably elsewhere during the post-workout media scrum.

Burks got hung up on the question "What are your thoughts on Tyrone from meeting him, knowing him, being around him?" and answered with a quizzical "Tyrone ...?"

When the reporter then clarified "Corbin," Burks still seem confused until it finally hit him when the reporter noted that he was talking about Tyrone Corbin, the head coach of the Jazz.

"He a cool dude, you know?" Burks responded once he figured out who the reporter was talking about. "He wants his players to work hard and I respect that and off the court he's a laid back guy so I like that."

For what it's worth, I think of Coach Corbin as more of a "Ty" than "Tyrone" so I can relate with Burks in this instance. Still, I consider myself pretty familiar with NBA head coaches -- and even some assistants -- so I'm making myself available for hire if anyone needs my help in preparing their draft clients for next season.

Embedded below is the video from the scrum. If in a hurry, the subject at hand begins around the 1:34 mark.