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2011 NBA Draft Rumors Featuring Kemba Walker And Enes Kanter

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Ridiculous Upside looked a bit different on Monday as the 2011 NBA Draft took a backseat to some rumors I've been hearing regarding the NBA D-League (my first love). For those that don't love the Development League as much as myself, however, we're back to draft coverage today.

Kemba Walker was said to be ducking Jimmer Fredette when The Hoops Report first reported it (LOL), but ESPN's Chad Ford went on Twitter and cleared up the reason Walker changed his workout date for the Sacramento Kings. According to Ford, Walker is working out for the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday and the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday so his agent didn't the former Connecticut point guard working out three days in a row.

For the conspiracy theorists out there, Walker will work out against Fredette on June 15 for the Utah Jazz according the Salt Lake Tribune.

The biggest injury news for this draft class is regarding the earlier report that Colorado's Alec Burks dislocated his shoulder, but it turns out that it isn't as bad as it was originally reported. Burks, one of the best wing prospects in this draft class, had an MRI showing that the injury is better than it sounds allowing him to return to workouts later this week according to Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears.

Enes Kanter was also said to have injury issues (with his knees, not his shoulder), and even though those rumors were cleared up, the Turkish big man is still facing some issues leading up to the June 23 NBA draft date. Jonathan Givony of Draft Express got his hands on some game footage of Kanter from prep school and wasn't impressed. Check Givony's full Twitter feed for more details.

Speaking of Kanter, he will workout with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday in what will likely be one of his only group workouts since he doesn't even plan to meet with the Washington Wizards.

The Portland Trail Blazers don't like pre-draft workouts as much as they used to (and I don't blame them). If a team watches enough during the year, pre-draft workouts are only going to cause confusion between the scouts and the coaches on draft day.

Last, but not least, the New York Knicks decided to move Donnie Walsh down a couple of notches and into a consultant's role. That won't have any affect on the Knicks' draft plans, however, according to Chad Ford. Ford also believes the Knicks have narrowed their interests to Fredette, Klay Thompson, Josh Selby, Marshon Brooks and Kenneth Faried, for what it's worth.