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Allan Houston Will Be General Manager Of Knicks' New D-League Team

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Allan Houston has long been rumored to be moving higher up in the New York Knicks front office, but I don't think anyone ever suggested he'd become the general manager of an NBA Development League team first.

That's exactly what has happened, however, as the Knicks said in the press release announcing their acquiring of the Erie BayHawks (as first reported here) that the former All-Star will be heading up the D-League team's player personnel department.

"The opportunity to have this new agreement with the Erie BayHawks and the NBA D-League is very exciting for the New York Knicks," Houston said in the release. "The impact of the NBA D-League continues to grow, and we look forward to this partnership."

In this position, I presume, Houston will have final say on all BayHawks personnel matters starting with the annual D-League Draft held in November. The majority of the Erie roster will find their way to the roster via the draft, but the BayHawks also retain the rights to last season's roster as well as any players the Knicks decide to sign for their preseason roster that don't end up making it to the NBA's opening day.

One thing that isn't expected to change is the head coach. Jay Larranaga, who led the team to a 32-18 record last season in his first full-time coaching stint while also serving as the team's de facto general manager, is expected to remain in the same position.