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2011 NBA Draft Rumors Featuring Brandon Knight, Jimmer Fredette, Mickey McConnell And Others

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Another day closer to the 2011 NBA Draft, another day closer to NBA rumors and ramblings related to what's going to happen when the calendar finally gets to the June 23 draft date. Unfortunately, as everyone is either already in Europe or on their way for the Adidas Eurocamp, not a lot of exciting things are worth repeating.

One thing that was interesting, though, was Kentucky Wildcats guard Brandon Knight's explanation for trying to work out by himself as opposed to other top pick when it comes to pre-draft workouts.

Knight talked about the politics regarding the workouts to the Toronto Raptors media on Tuesday following his workout on the same day, but not at the same time, as Connecticut guard -- and fellow top prospect -- Kemba Walker.

"My main thing is that's why you hire agents," Knight told the National Post. "Listen to what the agent tells you, just trust him, see what he says to do. Like you said, I'm not scared to work out against anybody. I'm a competitor. Sometimes with scheduling and stuff like that, you've got to listen to your agent and what he tells you to do. Sometimes it's not about being a competitor. Sometimes it's about being strategic."

If teams are okay with it, and they seemingly are for the most part, it's difficult to argue with this assessment.

Jimmer Fredette, seemingly the media's favorite player in this year's draft, is also playing favorites. The BYU guard is "doubtful" to accept an invitation to work out with the Milwaukee Bucks according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

It's interesting that Fredette isn't interested in the Bucks, who currently hold the No. 10 overall pick, considering he's already worked out for the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks despite those teams holding the 15th and 17th picks respectively.

The next tidbit (definition: a news item that's interesting enough to your's truly to put in this space, but not a rumor) of information is that NBA Draft prospect Mickey McConnell has already been drafted ... to play baseball.

McConnell, a 6-foot point guard from St. Mary's College, was selected in the in the 31st round of the MLB Draft by the Los Angeles Dodgers. More over at ESPN, but it probably says something that the basketball player who hasn't played baseball since high school was selected to play baseball (maybe that it's easy to get drafted in baseball).

Last, but not least, is a note from ESPN's Chad Ford on Twitter:

Informal GM poll: Who's the best international player in the draft? Jan Vesely 5 votes; Enes Kanter 4 votes; Jonas Valanciunas 3 votes. All said it's very close.

For what it's worth, that's probably the order I'm at right now, too.

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