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Rashad McCants Thinks He's REALLY, REALLY Good

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Rashad McCants played a few games in the D-League earlier this year, averaging 12.3 points in three games for the Texas Legends while earning rave reviews from ESPN's Marc Stein in the process.

Then, much like so many players before him, McCants left the D-League for a supposed offer in China that never came to fruition before embarking on an acting career that seems to be going nowhere fast (or slow).

Just for fun, let's link the trailer again:

Confirmed: that's terrible.

Luckily for McCants, he told the Lost Lettermen blog that he'll be able to fall back on his basketball career again because he's better than 95 percent of the players in the NBA.


"The Development League is nothing but what my agent told me is a plea from the league saying, that ‘We want you to show humility to get back in (the NBA),' " McCants said.

If that was the goal, it didn't work.

After initially saying he was better than 70-percent of the players in the NBA, McCants upped the ante after being told his agent thought the percentage was even higher.

"I was being modest saying 70-percent," McCants said. "My honest opinion is 95-percent. I don't even think there are top-tier All-Stars who are better than me, and they know who they are."

Good job, Rashad (and agent!). I'm sure those comments will endear you to the NBA GMs that didn't think you deserved another shot!