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NBA Draft Order Set Following Lottery Results; Let The Mock Drafts Begin!

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The 2011 NBA Draft order isn't the most important thing in the world, but it's probably up there as NBA fans attempt to grasp at every bit of news prior to the impending doom that will be brought about via the all but certain NBA lockout. And, following Tuesday night's NBA Lottery, fans will know exactly where there team will pick its next superstar.

Obviously the NBA Draft lottery results mean more to fans of the worst teams in the NBA as those were the teams affected (the millions and millions or Miami Heat fans probably weren't even aware the lottery was taking place), but the annual event is always prone to shaking up the NBA atmosphere -- at least for a moment -- when infusing bad teams with new talent.

Is the Lottery rigged? Is karma real? Are the Cavaliers going to pick the next LeBron James?

A full list of the 2011 NBA Draft order, before the lottery, is posted after the jump.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers

2. Minnesota Timberwolves

3. Utah Jazz

4. Cleveland Cavaliers

5. Toronto Raptors

6. Washington Wizards

7. Sacramento Kings

8. Detroit Pistons

9. Charlotte Bobcats

10. Milwaukee Bucks

11. Golden State Warriors

12. Utah Jazz

13. Phoenix Suns

14. Houston Rockets

15. Indiana Pacers

16. Philadelphia 76ers

17. New York Knicks

18. Washington Wizards (from Atlanta Hawks)

19. Charlotte Bobcats (from New Orleans Hornets)

20. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Memphis Grizzlies)

21. Portland Trail Blazers

22. Denver Nuggets

23. Houston Rockets (from Orlando Magic)

24. Oklahoma City Thunder

25. Boston Celtics

26. Dallas Mavericks

27. New Jersey Nets (from Los Angeles Lakers)

28. Chicago Bulls (from Miami Heat)

29. San Antonio Spurs

30. Chicago Bulls