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NBA Combine News, Notes And A Day 2 Primer

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(It's over. Measurements available here)

The 2011 NBA Draft Combine begins Day 2 today and, like yesterday, it's available to watch on both ESPNU and ESPN3 beginning at 9 a.m. Central Time for those in the Ridiculous Upside reading audience interested in getting their amateur Andy Katz on. 

The biggest thing everyone needs to know, for those that missed Day 1, is the full list of NBA Combine participants (and that term is used loosely around this time of year).

After that, it's all a jumbled mess of news and notes consisting of what those that were in the gym -- media isn't allowed to watch the actual combine unless they watch on TV for reasons unbeknownst to me -- are telling the media, watching videos of the players in attendance talking to the media and realizing that there are a couple of key elements missing from some of the NBA teams caravans (Hint: rhymes with "red broaches").

First, though, some original reporting: One person that was in the gym at Attack Athletics sent a text that USC Trojans big man Nikola Vucevic was more impressive than Enes Kanter during Thursday's morning session. Tough to read too much into these workouts, but it's quite impressive that a player projected as an early second round pick is outperforming an early first round pick. 

Other players I've heard that were impressive include Jimmer FredetteIsaiah Thomas, Iman Shumpert and Jeremy Tyler who was "dunking all over the place."

Above is the preamble, in handy video form courtesy of Draft Express, The most interesting story to come out of the first day of the NBA Draft Combine.  Yes, that was projected late-first round prospect Travis Leslie of the Georgia Bulldogs saying he's a better player than current Memphis Grizzlies all-NBA defender Tony Allen. A detailed rundown of what happened next can be found over at SB Nation Atlanta.

Draft Express also has video interviews available here with first-round point guard prospects Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker and Brandon KnightDX's Jonathan Givony also interviewed Derrick Williams, who was apparently "emphatic about the fact that he is a small forward in the interviews today. Repeated it over and over again." Video of that is available here.

Speaking of interviews with Derrick Williams, when the Minnesota Timberwolves interviewed the possible second overall pick, Kurt Rambis was not in attendance. For those that missed it, a link was included in yesterday's preview noting that Detroit Pistons head coach John Kuester wasn't with the team. There's probably quite a few other coaches not present, but those are the two on the hot seat who aren't currently with the rest of their team's contingent.

Tennessee Volunteers forward Tobias Harris has dropped his body fat percentage by five percent since he stopped eating bread and Swedish Fish. Neat diet, bro.

One of the lesser talked about NBA Draft prospects, VCU's Jamie Skeen, is skipping his graduation to attend the NBA Combine. Three months ago, Skeen probably wouldn't have had that problem, but that's not a bad thing.

Here's something that was passed on that might be fun for all of the draftniks out there to take a look at, especially those that wanted to see how similar Jimmer Fredette and J.J. Redick are coming out of college

Last, but not least? Haley got screwed.