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2011 NBA Mock Drafts, With Post-Lottery Updates, Already Out On The Market

2011 NBA mock drafts will be getting plenty of business here at Ridiculous Upside leading right up until the 2011 NBA Draft and, because of that, it seems important to take a look at the newest mock drafts already out there following Tuesday evening's NBA Draft lottery.

As of late Tuesday, following the finalization of the 2011 NBA Draft order, three mainstream outlets had their post-lottery mock drafts updated:

Jonathan Givony of Draft Express was first to put out something updated, at least among the mainstream non-Bleacher Reporters, and has the Cleveland Cavaliers selecting Duke freshman Kyrie Irving first, Derrick Williamsgoing second to the Minnesota Timberwolves and Kentucky freshman Brandon Knight headed to the Utah Jazz. (Update: Givony later switched it up and Connecticut point guard Kemba Walker to the Jazz at three for his Yahoo! Sports mock)

ESPN's Chad Ford released his cleverly-titled "Chad Ford's Mock Draft, Version 2.0" post-lottery mock -- with commentary -- a short while thereafter, but surprisingly has the exact same top three as Givony. The biggest change I can tell is that he's dropped Kansas Jayhawks twins Markieff Morris and Marcus Morris each a few spots lower than his original projections.

Ben Golliver, SB Nation native and current CBSSports blogger as well, left the top three picks the same once again. In a surprise swerve, however, Golliver put Bismack Biyombo (I'm going to be typing that as Bismarck for so long!) at the four spot. I'm not mad about it, but I am a bit weary of players jumping up the draft boards so late in the game.

I was thinking about doing my own, as I have done in the past, but it seems that there's already plenty of resources for those looking at finding out exactly what their NBA team -- or NCAA player -- has coming in the future.