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Do NBA Draft Workouts Matter? ESPN's Chad Ford Says Yes ... And No

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As frequent visitors to Ridiculous Upside have noticed, I've gone through the trouble of compiling the NBA Draft workouts each day as something else for the readers to talk about. Lately nobody has been talking about them, or commenting on them, but that doesn't mean they're not important.

Or does it?

ESPN's Chad Ford attempted to answer that very question on Wednesday when asked during his weekly chat.

"Yes and no. Workouts are probably overrated. I think a team makes a big mistake if they dramatically change their opinion on a prospect they've scouted well based on one workout. However, it happens and it's happening," Ford wrote in response to Jonathan in New York.

"Look at players like Marshon Brooks and Klay Thompson and Nikola Vucevic. They all played at least three years of college ball. All were well scouted. All were considered late first round or second round picks by teams in April. Now they're up 20 spots," Ford continued. "How else do you explain it? They didn't play more games. Didn't change as players. Draft is pretty fluid and workouts matter."

I'm of the opinion that if the front office did it's job during the regular season, the post-season workouts shouldn't matter. That mantra applies more to first round picks than second round picks, I guess, but if an NBA team changes its mind regarding a first round pick based on a workout alone? Yikes.

What do you think? Should we keep posting a workout rundown each morning or do they truly not matter?