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BREAKING: Dallas Mavericks Buying Colorado 14ers, Bakersfield is Back

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UPDATE: According to the press release, Donnie Nelson, Dallas Mavericks GM, will be the principle owner and operator of the team, but it also says "when the team begins play in 2010, it will be directly affiliated with up
to three NBA teams."  So the GM of the Mavericks will own this team, but they will be affiliated with other teams as well.  Should be fun to see how this all shakes out!

First, the biggest of the news: According to the Denver Post, the Colorado 14ers have been bought by the Dallas Mavericks and will move to the "Dallas area" (Frisco) for the 2010 season - just as I "predicted" yesterday in my fan shot.

Save for last season, Dallas has been one of the best users of the D-League's development possibilities, assigning Jose Juan Barea, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Josh Powell, Nick Fazekas, Maurice Ager, Rawle Marshall and even the immortal Pavel Podkolzin to their D-League affiliate for some seasoning over the past few seasons.  Some of these players have developed well in the D-League, some not so much, but it definitely makes sense that Dallas would buy a D-League team - now if they retained the rights to this seasons D-League champion 14ers coaches and players, that'd be an even better coup.

Next, the big news on any other news day: The Bakersfield Jam, which seemingly went down in a ball of flames after last season, will be back, according to The Bakersfield Caifornian.  No word yet if the big news is that Bill Simmons has bought the team, nor what the status of Swish and the Jam Dancers is - Justen Case, come back and give us the scoop.

The D-League: Where Big Things Happen After I Get A Job So I Can't Break The Big Stuff Happens.