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NBA Players Overseas Experiences Could Be Unsightly During NBA Lockout

NBA players going overseas has been discussed more than I previously thought humanly possible prior to the NBA lockout, but a recent incident in the Philippines brought up another thing American players might have to worry about during their European experiences.

If Kobe Bryant Nixes Turkey, The Rochester RazorSharks Are Waiting For Him

Kobe Bryant is a professional basketball player so it makes sense that he's looking for opportunities to practice his craft for the upcoming season even after the NBA has locked him out. In fact, the Los Angeles Laker is rumored to be meeting with Besiktas this weekend to talk about playing in Turkey next season.

NFL Free Agency: Matt O'Donnell Will Play Football, Not Basketball

With the NBA lockout trudging on, it has been decided that Ridiculous Upside will cover football -- particularly NFL free agency -- until the two sides are able to come to an amicable agreement. Media darling Matthew O'Donnell will be the first topic up for discussion, of course.

The Utah Flash Are Gone From The D-League

The Utah Flash will not play in the NBA Development League next season. The Flash had been affiliated with the Atlanta Hawks and the nearby Utah Jazz, but since the Jazz were unwilling to partner with the team, there weren't many other options to keep the team afloat.

The Utah Jazz Are Still Preparing For An NBA Summer League Via NBA Draft Workouts

The NBA's annual Summer League in Vegas is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year so I was quite disappointed when news broke that it's a severe longshot that I have a reason to leave North Dakota for two weeks to watch basketball this July. Fortunately, Vegas Summer League founder Warren Legarie hasn't given up hope and neither have the Utah Jazz.

Quincy Douby & James Singleton's Coach In China Was Pretty Strict

Xinjiang Guanghui head coach Jiang Xingquan laid down some pretty strict rules for the players on his team: players had to turn their cell phones into the coaching staff each night, lights out was at 10 p.m., players needed permission to leave the team compound at any time and practice was held six days a week for five hours per day.

Lou Williams Is A Proud NBA D-League Supporter

There typically isn't a ton of positive comments regarding the D-League coming from established NBA players so when Lou Williams of the Philadelphia 76ers, regarded by some as a legitimate NBA MVP candidate, talked about the D-League I decided I had to make sure and get it the publicity it deserved.

Ridiculous Update #3: Where Alonzo Gee Happens

Former D-League Player of the Week(s): Alonzo Gee, Cleveland Cavaliers Since March 27, Gee has played in eight games, averaging 10.9 ppg, 5.3 rpg, and hitting 33 of his 55 shots from the field at a crisp 60%. In the last seven of these games, he's scored in double figures. Alonzo Gee can score the basketball.

Deena From Jersey Shore And Adam From Real World Watched An NBA D-League Game

So I was doing my usual watching of NBA prospects this afternoon, focusing on last week's Maine Red Claws game versus the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, when I stumbled upon Deena from the Jersey Shore sitting with Adam from the Real World. At a freaking D-League game.

In The D-League, Things Happened This Weekend

Rashad McCants, Rapper, Makes It Clear That Ballin' Is His Hobby

Rashad McCants is my favorite current NBA D-League player that also has side businesses including acting as a cross-dressing shoplifter in a made-for-internet series, being a former poet, running a limo service and being really, really confident in his skills.

James White Won Another Dunk Contest, This Time In Italy

Former NBA player James White won this another dunk contest this past weekend while playing in Italy.

Marcus Cousin Was Missing Something In His Jazz Debut

D-League call-up Marcus Cousin's uniform displayed only the number zero without any sort of nameplate when the 6-foot-11 center checked in on Wednesday night for the last 39.7 seconds of the first half.

Sherron Collins Missed Flights, Second NBA Chance Last Week

In the end, though, it turns out that Collins didn't eat himself out of the NBA -- he just missed enough flights to make sure the Charlotte Bobcats had to sign a D-League player (Garrett Temple) to fill Collins' former role.

Rashad McCants Has A Lot To Prove In His D-League Return With The Legends

Rashad McCants will be returning to the D-League's Texas Legends sometime today after McCants said last week that the D-League is nothing but a plea from the league.

Earl Barron Signing With The Bucks Makes Me Wonder About The D-League

Earl Barron Signing With The Bucks Makes Me Wonder About The D-League

Rashad McCants Thinks He's REALLY, REALLY Good

Rashad McCants thinks that he'll be able to fall back on his basketball career again because he's better than 95 percent of the players in the NBA.

NBA D-League All-Star Picks Projected!

Before we get to the recaps that I've been doing all week (even though the only thing getting hits is my post on Smush Parker getting fat), I'd like to unveil my All-Star picks since it sounds like the official picks will be released sometime soon.

Former Lakers Guard Smush Parker Looks Out Of Shape Playing In Greece

I realize nobody has really thought about Smush Parker since he started 80 games for the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2006-07 season, but when HoopsHype posted the above pictures Parker on Twitter, I figured it was time to catch up with him once again.

Rashad McCants, Former NBA and D-League Player, Is Now An Actor. A Bad Actor.

Rashad McCants was supposed to use his time in the D-League to re-launch a once-promising NBA career but that didn't really work. No worries, though, because -- as you can see above -- his acting career is definitely going to make him rich!

It's Booker Time! Booker Woodfox Won D-League Showcase Three-Point Competition

Woodfox, a 6-foot-1 guard, has been quite the backup guard for Nancy Lieberman's Legends as he's averaging 12.7 points despite not starting any of his 21 games played so far this season.

Ridiculous Beardside

Miami Heat, Lebron James Heartbroken As Dexter Pittman's Sent To D-League

Yesterday, Miami Heat rookie Dexter Pittman was re-assigned to the NBA D-League. Today, LeBron James and the rest of Pittman's teammates with the Heat talked to Fox Sports Florida's Chris Perkins about the loss of their favorite (and only) rookie.

Steve Francis Is Done In China, Possibly By Mutual Decision

Steve Francis has only been in China since December 14, but the former NBA semi-superstar made the most of his short career with the Beijing Shougang Ducks. Now, just one day after Christmas, Francis and the Ducks have apparently decided to mutually part ways according to NiuBBall.

Steve Francis Is In Trouble For Giving Chinese Fans The Middle Finger

According to the Chinese media, Steve Francis has been issued a "serious warning" from the league after he appeared on camera with an "erect middle finger" behind fellow former NBAer Randolph Morris.

Steve Francis Wears Ice Packs Into Games, Makes Lots Of Money Playing In China

Steve Francis, formerly known as Stevie Franchise during his nine-year NBA career, now wears ice packs in-game and makes lots of money.

Sherron Collins' NBA D-League Assignment Might've Happened Like This

Earlier today, Sherron Collins was assigned to the NBA Development League's Maine Red Claws (as first reported on FanHouse Wednesday night). This might be how it happened.

Terrence Williams Was Assigned To D-League, Magnum Rolle Was Waived And Other Things Are Happening This Weekend

Breaking down the news regarding Terrence Williams being assigned to the D-League, Magnum Rolle's injury news and other things happening this weekend.

Thanksgiving Weekend Is Here; So Are D-League Links

Now, onto things more important than a look inside my brain on a Wednesday afternoon, I bring you everything you need to know about the D-League that's happened this week.

Saturday Morning Headlines From Around The NBA Development League World

First, but maybe not foremost since there were actual games played last night, Stanley Robinson, Joe Alexander, DeShawn Sims and Charles Garcia will all be joining the D-League by Tuesday afternoon.

Charles Barkley Still Knows Nothing ... About The D-League

So that's why this video, featuring Barkley alongside Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson trying to guess D-League team names, probably didn't surprise you.p

Happy D-League Season Opener Day!

The NBA Development League's 2010-11 season will tip off tonight live on VERSUS(!) as the Nancy Lieberman-led Texas Legends will head down to the Rio Grande Valley to take on the defending champion Vipers.